photo par vinna laudico

photo par vinna laudico

"Bourbonnais extract prodigious sounds, very amazing, or rather very surprising." Serge Truffault, Le Devoir

"Lévy Bourbonnais, perhaps the most seasoned soloist" Alain Brunet, La Presse.

Lévy Bourbonnais

Someone who is obsessed and bewitched, a mad lover, crazy over the harmonica – these are ways of describing Lévy Bourbonnais. But this much is clear: we are talking about more than a passion for the harmonica.

For years, he has devoted his life, his professional career and his time to this mythical blues instrument, which has since entered the musical world as a whole. Lévy, who studied at McGill University in Montreal, became the first harmonica player to earn a bachelor’s degree in jazz. He left for the United States to perfect his skills alongside renowned artists such as Howard Levy, Mike Turk and Grégoire Maret. For a year, he lived in Argentina to conduct a multimedia project based on the harmonica. His professional career has taken him to various countries, including Canada, the United States and Argentina, accompanying many artists.

Lévy Bourbonnais is a founding member, composer and perfomer for D'Harmo,  a unique harmonica quartet. He also perfoms solo, plays in duo with Marianne Trudel and LP a electronic music duo mixing harmonicas and trombone. He teaches his instrument and works as a studio harmonica player.  He has recorded with many artists such as Karkwa, David Marin, Bori, Corneille and can be heard on sa few quebec's film music. Since 2012, he is the president and programming coordinator for the L'Off Jazz Festival. He also founded, a non-profit organization devoted to initiation to music through the teaching of the harmonica to children from underprivileged backgrounds. The association is developing projects mainly in South America.

Lévy Bourbonnais’s music, peaceful and soothing, consists of gentle melodies that encourage meditation and attentive listening.